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The WF-Series offers a range of modular mounting frames for mounting R-Series universal receptacles with ease. 

The WF mounting frames come in two categories. One category is designed to retrofit existing wall mount electrical wiring boxes. Mounting frames in this category include WF-1, WF-2, and WF-3 for retrofitting North American style electrical wiring boxes, and WF-6, WF-6C, WF-6N, WF-6C2, and WF-6N2 for retrofitting European style electrical wiring boxes. The other category of mounting frames are for embedding with products, assembly line, or other custom purpose. Mounting frames in this category include WF-7, WF-8, and WF-9.  However, we have also seen many companies choose WF-6 and its variations to integrate with their products. 

To enhance the outlook, several models of the WF mounting frames have a two-piece structure design - i.e. a mounting frame and a screw-free face plate that can be easily snapped on to its compatible mounting frame. Most of the WF mounting frames are available in Beige or White colors. Other colors can be custom ordered.

WF Mounting Frame Models


WF-1 (shown with R4 receptacle)

WF-2 (shown with RU4 & R3 receptacles)


WF-3 (Shown with R3, R5A receptacles, and S1 switches)




WF-6C (shown with R4 receptacle)




WF-7 (shown with R4 or R4T receptacles)


WF-8 (shown with R4 and R5A receptacle)

 wf-9.jpg WF-9 (shown with two R4 receptacles)

WF Mounting Frame Dimensions


wf-2 dimension.jpg

wf-3 dimension.jpg


wf-6 dimension.jpg

wf-6c dimension.jpg


Sample Mounting Instructions


  • Insert universal receptacle (rear side leading) into the front opening of the mounting frame
  • Press receptacle into mounting frame until it snaps and securely locked-in with the mounting frame
  • Snap on the face plate if applicable 
  • Insert the stripped wire into the wire insertion openings on the back of the universal receptacle
  • The gauge of the wire must be 13 mm to ensure a secured clamping contact once inserted.
  • To remove the wire, press down the wire release button next to the insertion opening and remove.
  • To remove the receptacle, insert a screw driver into the notch between the mounting frame and the receptacle
  • Turn the screw driver clockwise or counter-clockwise to push away the locking clamp on the mounting frame from the receptacle.
  • At the same time, use you thumb to slightly push the operation side of receptacle down to release it from the mounting frame
  • Apply the same sequence on the other side to release the receptacle from the mounting frame
  • Gentle push the receptacle from its back to detach it from the mounting frame


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